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About Leaving Permata

Many asked why and what made me took the decision. After almost 11 and a half years, why now? And why after so I didn’t feel blue or gloomy or those kinds of feelings we have when we leave something that was so important for me?

To clarify, it has never been an easy decision for me. PermataBank was like my second home. I was already in my comfort zone. VP, good salaries, appreciated, especially by my direct supervisor were the things that should make people stay in their job. I knew what to do when I have problems and whom to call to ask for the solutions. Everybody which was related to me in my job trusted me and considered me as a good colleague. Why?

I remember when I graduated from Universitas Indonesia back in February 2003, I never had the intention to work in the bank. At the time, our target was Schlumberger, Citibank, Unilever, and so many multinational companies which we knew offered a big amount of money for us fresh graduate. Permata and other local banks were not included. The only local company which was considered was Astra, or specifically Toyota Astra Motor or Astra Honda Motor. Those had the best benefit offering. We hadn’t had the information about how United Tractors were somehow become one of the biggest at the conglomeration in a few years ahead.

But then Permata came, participated in a job fair held by AIESEC in Balairung UI with many prestigious companies participated. So then I dropped my CV, Permata called, I followed the process. It was a quite long and tiring process actually, but they made it quick. Psi-test, some interviews, discussion groups had lead me to the offering letter signing process. I was one of the accepted participants. I almost didn’t sign it when I read the contract and related it with my afraid-of-boring phobia. I changed my mind after I talk with my mom, which strange since she also reminded me of my phobia.

I spent thirteen months in Management Development Program, before placed in Commercial Banking. Not an ideal thirteen months actually. I felt there was something wrong in the program, and made me want to fail in the program. So I didn’t do it seriously. That was the first time I thought of moving. And then my tenure in Commercial banking as an RM was outstanding. I became one of the high performing RM and promoted as a Team Leader after three years. Before the promotion, I once again almost moved to a foreign bank, offered by an ex bosses whose moved to the bank. And after served as a first line manager for five and a half years, I then again had the chance to be given another bigger responsibility, right when I considered of moving, again.

And now, after failed for some times, I finally made the move. The difference between this time and the previous ones was I just really feel this was the right time. The management was changing. I could not feel the same spirit again in the ship. The spirit which brought Permata into this place at the market, the 7th largest bank in Indonesia in terms of assets. And after so many years of serving in the same division, dealing with the same type of problems, I felt exhausted. My boredom of this job has finally beaten my pride of serving to this bank. I was lost. Then came the offering, from a smaller bank in Indonesia, but a bigger bank if we spread the horizon to South East Asia. A big challenge for me, and off course everyone else by moving from a comfort zone to a brand new place with different bosses, different culture, different team, and so on. The package is also quite damn good for me seeing the Industry condition.

So, if people asked me why I move with the entire prospects and chances for me at Permata in the future, the simple answer would just be:

I had never the intention to stay in Permata my whole life, even since the beginning of my career there.

What took you so long then?

“I feel now is the right timing, and after prayed and struggled, the more I see that now is the right timing.”

Weren’t you afraid the new place wouldn’t be as good as what Permata had given you?

“I include God in the factor, so I have faith that this is the path God has chosen for me. By leaving all the comfort I had in Permata, I have to lay down myself on God’s favour and believe that everything God had given for me in Permata, He can give even bigger in my new place.”

So, welcome my new home, and thank you Permata for the path we shared during my tenure there. I wish Permata and all my colleagues there success in years ahead.

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream..” – C.S. Lewis


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